SOSStLucia is an online service offered by Sound Outsourcing Solutions Ltd (SOS), a company established in Saint Lucia in 2009.

Mission Statement

We exist to assist our customer in maximizing the value of their time.  We provide professional and personal outsourced services to business owners, managers and individuals, thereby freeing their time to focus on the core activities which build on their business or improve their life.

Vision Statement

To become the leader in outsourced, personal assistance and business support services, by developing strong top of mind awareness among St Lucians at home and abroad, and achieving a repeat customer rate no lower than 80%, by consistently delighting customers.

SOS’s strategy is driven by two primary tenets.   Firstly, SOS can achieve sustainable business success and contribute to its society, by focusing on the unserved and underserved needs of individuals and organizations in selected niche markets.  Therefore, SOS directs its efforts towards uncovering those needs and continually developing and delivering services that address these niche needs.

The second belief is that the greatest successes are achieved by adopting an approach to stakeholder relationships, which fosters collaboration and mutual ‘wins’.  SOS, therefore, focuses on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, suppliers, partners, staff and wider society.

All SOS sub-strategies, endeavors, and business decisions are aligned with these overarching principles; and it is the continuous pursuit of these ideals, which led to the development of is an online service offering virtual personal assistant / concierge-like services to members of the St Lucian Diaspora community, who need assistance with activities to be done in Saint Lucia.  It is the practical alternative to doing it yourself when location limitations make it difficult, impossible or cost prohibitive.

The online service also includes the following features:

    A membership component open to Saint Lucians everywhere, allowing registration of themselves or their businesses for inclusion in an online directory referred to as Lucian Listings. The purpose of this directory is to provide information and visibility of Saint Lucian-owned businesses within the diaspora communities to promote and encourage buying and selling of goods and services by St Lucians, from Saint Lucians within the diaspora.  This is also intended to for St Lucian businesses and professionals based on the island to present their services or skills within the diaspora markets.

    A free information service (SLU411) for Saint Lucians overseas making basic inquiries related services available into Saint Lucia