Requirements for St Lucia Citizenship by Descent:


  1. Two (2) completed Application Forms (Click here for the printable application form – Form#1)
  2. Birth Certificate of Applicant and passport
  3. Marriage Certificate (married female)
  4. Decree Absolute (if Divorced)
  5. Deed Poll Certificate (if names are different)
  6. Marriage Certificate (married mother)
  7. Birth certificate and passport of the parent
  8. 4 photographs
  9. Police Clearance Certificate/Record
  10. Recent Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Council Tax document

*One of your referees must be permanently resident in Saint Lucia

Minor (under 17 years of age)

  1. 2 completed Application forms (Click here for the printable copy of form No.2)
  2. Birth Certificate of applicant
  3. Birth Certificate of Parent
  4. Marriage Certificate of the mother (if applicable)
  5. 4 Photographs