Requirements for Death Certificate Application

  1. Customer Contact Information (This is information for the person who is requesting the certificate
    • Full name
    • Telephone number(s)
    • Postal Address
    • Email address (optional)
  2. A copy of your Government Issued picture ID, for example, Passport, National ID, and driver’s license are all acceptable forms of picture ID.
  3. Subject Information (This is information about the person who is named on the certificate.)
    • First Name, Last Name – Provide the full first and last names of the subject. If the person is (or was) married, provide the maiden name as the last name.
    • Middle Name(s) – Provide all known middle names of the subject
    • Date of birth – Provide the subject’s date of birth in the form shown. For example, if the person was born on the 22nd of October 1979, then it should be written as 22/10/1979
    • Place of birth – Provide the place of birth if known. For example, Victoria Hospital, St. Jude’s Hospital.
    • Mother’s name – Provide the full legal name of the mother of the subject
    • Maiden name – If the mother is married, provide her maiden name
    • Mother’s alias – Provide any known aliases of the mother, that is any other names that the mother may be known as
    • Father’s name – Provide the full name of the father as listed on the certificate if known Father’s alias ‐ Enter any known aliases of the father
  4. Notarised Letter of Authorisation – This is a letter authorising us to process the application on your behalf. You can request a sample authorisation letter by clicking here.