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Requirements for St Lucia Passport Renewal Application

  1. Completed passport application form, signed by applicant and recommender. Click here to complete the St Lucia Passport application form online
  2. Expired St Lucian Passport
  3. Submission of the following documents as proof of citizenship and identity.
    • Original St. Lucian birth certificate.
    • A copy of your picture ID. (Passport, National ID and driver’s license are acceptable forms of picture ID).
    • Certificate of Naturalization and birth certificate (applies to naturalized Saint Lucians only)
  4. Passport-sized photos – Three (3) recent, full-face passport-size (2″ length by 1-1/2″ width) photographs, one of which must be endorsed as a true likeness of the bearer.
    • Photographs must be less than three (3) months old.
    • At least one photograph must be signed by the recommender who also signs section 7 of the application form.
    • Automated photographs (from a booth) are NOT acceptable.
    • Photographs must be taken with the full face and ears clearly visible.
    • Hair must NOT cover ears and hats are not allowed.
    • Photographs with tank tops, vests, halter tops, camouflage tops, etc. will not be accepted.
    • Only Prescription (and non-tinted) eyeglasses will be accepted.
  5. For all applicants over 16 years, a copy of your National Insurance Card or picture ID with your National insurance number. (Saint Lucia National ID card and Saint Lucia driver’s license both contain the national insurance number and are acceptable.
  6. For children on a parent’s passport, the following must be submitted:
    • Parent’s passport
    • Child’s birth certificate
  7. If there is a change in the applicant’s name, the Change of Name/Deed of Poll document must be presented. Married women must provide their marriage certificate. If divorced, the divorce certificate must be presented.
  8. In cases where original documents are in a foreign language, an English translation of the document, by a recognized translator, must be presented along with the original document.
  9. Notarized Letter of Authorisation – This is a letter authorising us to process the application on your behalf. You can click here to use our LETTER OF AUTHORISATION CREATOR to customize your authorization letter.
  10. A copy of your picture ID. (Passport, National ID, and driver’s license are acceptable forms of picture ID).